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Department of Environment Systems
The University of Tokyo

Research Support Programs

Exchange Student Program

Department of Environment Systems provides an exchange student program between Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Imperial College London (ICL) and Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo (UT). In this program, first grade students in the master course will take classes at UT in a summer semester and at ICL in a winter semester. They can learn broad subjects of environmental problems such as environmental impact assessment, environmental technologies and environmental measure planning for understanding of orientation of environmental technologies, political decision process and public acceptance at different countries. This program addresses nurturing of environment engineers and managers who can assume international negotiation for environmental issues.

# Application time: April
# Requirements:
* Applicants must take a TOEFL examination (iBT, CBT or ITP(PBT)) in advance and get a passing score (i.e., required score for TOEFL). They should also inquire the required score to a faculty staff.
(Contact address: )
* Approval of a supervisor (applicants have to get his/her supervisor’s approval before their application.)
* Admission criterion and decision: Oral interview and English ability (TOEFL score).
An interview will be held on end of April, and then the admission will be decided.


The Doctoral Research Financial Support Program

The Department of Environment Systems has launched an initiative to help financially support PhD students in pursuit of their research goals. This program provides doctoral course students with the opportunity to develop a research proposal, which itself is an important and necessary skill for your future career as a researcher. Faculty members of the Department will evaluate the submitted proposals, and the applicants with the most promising proposals will be awarded some financial research support from the Department.

Doctoral course students in the Department of Environment Systems
*JSPS-DC research support program recipients are ineligible.

Award amount
about 300,000 yen for each selected proposal

Number of Awards
about 3 proposals will be awarded financial support

Faculty members of the Department will evaluate all proposals, and select the most promising ones from among those that best meet the selection criteria.

Selection criteria
  • How clear and specific is the concept of the proposed research?
  • How clear and specific is the research objective(s)?
  • How well developed is the research plan?
  • How likely will the objective(s) be achieved according to the proposed research plan?
  • How likely will the research itself contribute to the progress of the field of environment systems?
  • All applicants will receive comments and suggestions from faculty proposal reviewers.