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Entrance Examination

The novel coronavirus infection is expanding and if the situation deteriorates, the entrance examination this year might not be conducted as the way written in the Guideline for Applicants.We’d like to ask you to visit the website regularly both the school and the department you are willing to enroll and check the updated information regarding the entrance examination.

Revised version of Guidelines for Applicants for 2021 and Guide to The 2021 Entrance Examination are provided. Be sure to check them.

Considering applicants’ health and safety, no face-to-face entrance examinations at physical venues will be conducted for Schedule A in order to prevent the infection of COVID-19. Details on how the test will be administered will be provided when the examination admission ticket is sent.

Guidelines and Guide to The 2021 Entrance Examination

Entrance guidelines and procedures

Administration of the online examination

We cannot tell specific information at this moment. However, we will conduct the examination and access its results with the utmost care including the monitoring through videoconference tool in order to prevent fairness issues. Details will be provided when the examination admission ticket is sent.

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