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Department of Environment Systems
The University of Tokyo
Department of Environment Systems

Environment Systems Study

The production of artificial materials, the discharge of wastes, and the development of Earth’s surface, underground and ocean have significantly affected the environment systems which are composed both by natural environments and human societies, and have degraded the wealth of ecosystems and the quality of human life. To tackle and overcome these problems, it is quite important to understand the material and energy cycles, and to clarify the interaction among sub-systems which constitute the whole environment system. In addition, it is highly expected to develop problem-solving methodologies and their application through the detailed study by natural scientific and engineering approach together with the integration of economics, policy science, and international cooperation. The viewpoints of risks and safety are also fundamental importance for our activities.

Department of Environment Systems conduct researches and education to design and realize the sustainable societies by analyzing the interaction and relationship between human societies and natural environment, developing the model to represent the environment systems based on the detailed analyses, clarifying the causes of the problems using the systems model, and investigating the possible solutions and the way to manage the system. We expect highly motivated students and researchers to join in our group to collaborate to achieve the objectives.

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