Our department has faculty members with diverse academic backgrounds and specialized knowledge related to environment systems.

Atmospheric Environment Systems
(Prof. K.Tonokura / Assist. Prof. M.Fujita)

Marine Environment Systems
(Prof. S.Tabeta)

Geosphere Environment Systems
(Prof. T.Tokunaga)

Energy and Environment
(Assist. Prof. M.Aichi)

Energy and Resources Systems
(Prof. J.Matsushima)

Environmental Informatics and Sensing
(Assoc. Prof. K.Mizuno)

Environmental Safety Systems
(Assoc. Prof. T.Nunoura / Assist. Prof. Sawai)

Environmental Process Engineering
(Assist. Prof. M.Akizuki)

Environmental Risk Assessment
(Prof. Y.Oshima)

Environmental Safety Management
(Prof. T.Iimoto)

Environmental Social Systems
(Assoc. Prof. T.Ihara)

Transition to a Cycle-Oriented Society
(Prof. Y.Hijioka / Prof. M.Fujii / Assoc. Prof. K.Nakajima)


Projects in which our faculty members are participating are listed below.


Project Member
Assoc. Prof. T.Ihara / Prof. T.Tokunaga
Project Overview