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2019/07/04 (Thu)


令和元(2019)年7月17日(水)16:50-18:35 基盤棟大講義室において、
今回は当専攻の特任教授 Philip Brunner先生が講演されます。

<題名> 『 Bridging the conceptual gaps between hydrology and hydrogeology using fully coupled, physically based models and innovative field methods 』
<演者> Philip Brunner 特任教授

 Hydrology and hydrogeology have to a certain extent developed as independent scientific disciplines. This separate development is reflected in the conceptual models of the two communities: Hydrological models typically simulate surface processes in a detailed way, but simplify groundwater flow processes. Hydrogeologists, on the other hand, often reduce the complexity and dynamics of the surface to a simple boundary condition. As surface water and groundwater form a natural continuum, this separation has been an impediment for a holistic understanding of the water cycle. Recent developments in fully-coupled, physically based models allow for a better integration of the two domains. Moreover, in a parallel development, new field approaches can provide the observation data required to parametrize and calibrate these complex models. In this presentation, these new developments are illustrated with several examples. They include the application of physically based models to the identification of the controlling geological factors on a catchment’s hydrograph and the influence of changing snow and vegetation patterns on the hydrological dynamics in Alpine catchments. Also, the development and integration of innovative field methods in these modeling approaches is illustrated. Finally, open questions and future research directions in modeling surface and subsurface flow processes in a holistic way are discussed.


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